News from NIHR

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) was established in April 2006 as part of the UK government’s health research strategy and is funded by the Department of Health. Its objectives are to fund high quality research to improve health, to train and support health researchers, to provide world-class research facilities, to work with the life sciences industry and charities to benefit all and to involve patients and the public at every step. The NIHR’s commissioned research programmes offer a focused source of funding for researchers within the health system in England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also participate in some of these programmes. The programmes aim to improve patient health and care by providing evidence to inform clinical, social care and public health professionals, NHS managers and where appropriate, policy makers. The goal is to ensure that researchers from all parts of England, and from all areas of healthcare, are able to access appropriate funding to undertake clinical and applied health and social care research, focused on priority areas and topics. NIHR have an Open Access Policy and were one of the original funders of Europe PubMed Central.

New HTA study to look at acute kidney injury

Critically-ill patients with life threatening kidney injury are the focus of a new research project being funded by the NIHR. Acute kidney injury (AKI), causes 42,000 deaths every year and costs the NHS £1.2 billion per annum. With funding from the NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme, experts will evaluate […]

NIHR HTA Programme welcomes new Panel Chairs

We are pleased to welcome Professor Peter Brocklehurst and Dr Howard Ring to the NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme in their respective roles as panel Chair for the Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Panel (MNCH) and Chair for the Mental, Psychological and Occupational Health Panel (MPOH). Professor Brocklehurst will […]

Research shows that conservative management can be an option for people with uncomplicated gallstones

An NIHR-funded study into the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of surgery compared with conservative management in people with symptomatic gallstones has published its findings in Health Technology Assessment. Results showed that while surgery is on average more effective, a conservative approach may represent a valid alternative for some people. Gallstones are […]

E-coachER – useful web support for patients in an exercise referral scheme with long-term physical and psychological conditions?

The GP exercise referral scheme (ERS) is an established method whereby doctors can ‘prescribe’ exercise to patients with medical conditions such as obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis or a history of depression or low mood. Evidence suggests that such exercise if beneficial, both physiologically and psychologically, but that rates […]

New study examining the research potential of enhanced access to clinical trial datasets

The Wellcome Trust has commissioned an independent study to examine the research potential of enhanced access to clinical trial datasets.  The study team is keen to consult key stakeholders (academic, clinical, industrial, regulatory and non-profit settings) who are involved in or aware of research using individual participant data from clinical […]

HTA systematic review on liver disease testing and treatment publishes in Hepatology

Research funded by the NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) programme has published in Hepatology. The article, Cost-effectiveness of non-invasive liver fibrosis tests for treatment decisions in patients with chronic hepatitis C, undertook systematic reviews and modelling to determine the diagnostic accuracy of NITs compared to liver biopsy in adult patients […]