The aim of ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development) is to promote quality and innovation of health research in order to make health care better and to keep it affordable.

60 Projects get access to DTL Technology Hotels

15 January 2018 In the Enabling Technologies Hotels (ETH) programme, life science researchers can apply for funding to get access to the high-end equipment and expertise of 130+ Technology Hotels that are listed on the DTL website. ZonMw has just announced which projects will be funded in the fourth call […]

Providing hope for addicts and their relatives

14 November 2017 Project leader David Best of Sheffield Hallam University hopes that investigating different kinds of recovery pathways in four countries will show that addicts can have a healthy future. A large ERANID grant for the project ‘Recovery pathways and societal responses in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium (REC-Path)’ […]

Successful implementation: learning from international approaches

22 August 2017 Health research funders can stimulate implementation of research results, without taking over responsibility. They award grants for implementation projects, stimulate cooperation between research and practice, and disseminate results to practice and patients through understandable products. During a workshop, held during the Ensuring Value in Research (EViR) collaborative […]

The impact of drug policy on society

21 August 2017 Every country in Europe has its own drug policy. The ERANID project ‘Illicit Drug Policies and Social Outcome’ (IDSPO) will study the societal impact of policy, not in order to compare countries, but to show policymakers the potential impact of the choices they make. IDPSO stands for […]

Research from perspective of addicts

4 July 2017 The ERANID-funded project D.U.R.E.S.S. focuses on the experience of people suffering from addiction during recovery and reintegration. Or, in the words of Giuseppe Carrà of Italy, ‘it’s about their personal subjective perspective’. D.U.R.E.S.S. stands for Drug Use Recovery Environment and Social Subjectivity. The aim is to establish […]

Dutch plan of action for new knowledge of Lyme disease

7 April 2017 ZonMw launched an action plan for new knowledge of Lyme disease in research, practice and policy in March 2016. Representatives of patients, researchers, professional practitioners, policymakers and companies were involved in compiling the document. Knowledge and research infrastructure Implementation of the action plan should ultimately improve both […]

Adding value to research

28 February 2017 Eight projects will receive funding to study responsible research practices. Despite a plethora of theories and opinions, remarkably little scholarly investigation has focused on what makes a “good” scientific research system. These 8 projects will provide subjective practicable knowledge about what actually works and will contribute to […]

Start Up Access to finance

2 December 2016 Start-ups and scale-ups need capital. The EU is working on making access to finance easier for businesses though loan guarantees, business loans, microfinance and venture capital. To boost investment opportunities from venture capital and make funding more accessible to small and innovative enterprises, the Commission is launching […]