Iris Institute

The Iris Institute emerged from an international cooperation for the deployment, maintenance and development of the Iris software, an electronic system for automated coding of causes of death. The increasing international interest in the Iris software has made it necessary to provide an institutional foundation to secure the supply and support of the Iris software. Consequently the cooperating partners from France, Italy, Hungary and Sweden approached the DIMDI with the request to establish the Iris Institute.
Iris is an automatic system for coding multiple causes of death and for the selection of the underlying cause of death. It can be used in batch or interactively. The aim of Iris is twofold provide a system in which the language-dependent aspects are separated from the software itself. Moreover, the language-dependent parts are stored in database tables and can easily be modified and to improve international comparability. Iris is based on the international death certificate form provided by WHO in Volume 2 of ICD-10 and the causes of death are coded according to the ICD-10 rules. Updates to ICD-10 are included according to the WHO-timelines.

New Iris version available

We published a new version of the Iris software. This release includes updates for the version of the Iris software (V5.5.0-Y2018S1) and the MUSE file (specV2018SR10-Muse), which includes the unicausal and multicausal tables. Previous version 5 releases have been tested thoroughly and detected errors have been corrected. Version 5.5.0 includes […]

New Iris Guides available

A new Iris manual and information about the coding rules have just been released. We revised the Iris User Reference Manual for Iris version 5.4.0. Furthermore we released information about coding rule types for mortality coding with Iris on our website. Did you check our list of Iris users on […]

Updates of decision tables for 2017

We released the updates of the decision tables for 2017. The new tables are available at the Iris downloadcenter. The decision tables (TABA.2XI and TABB.2XI) for 2017 (Tables-Y2017S1) contain a lot of updates regarding volume 2, Mortality Reference Group (MRG) and Table Group decision. The updates contain among others: Correction […]

Iris version 5.4.0 is available with MUSE

The new version 5.4.0 of Iris is intended to be used for routine statistics. Previous version 5 releases have been tested thoroughly and detected errors have been corrected. The technical features of version 5.4.0 based on version 4.5.6 and the functionalities of previous versions have been included therefore. No major […]

New Iris training conditions and specifications

We prepared new training conditions and some training packages. You can choose between different training packages dependent on your training requirements: Iris background Iris installation stand alone or network, setting options Iris use Dictionary and language standardisation Iris technical aspects Interactive coding with Iris Iris advanced coding topics Switching from […]

Iris version 5.3.3 is available with MUSE

A new test version of Iris version 5 has been released. You will find version 5.3.3 at our Downloadcenter. Iris version 5.3.3 works without the Mortality Medical Data System (MMDS). Instead it includes the new module called MUSE (Multicausal and Unicausal Selection Engine).The technical features are based on version 4.5.6 […]