Hahn: Carrot for Albania and Macedonia, customs union for Turkey

With the Western Balkans accession talks underway, the EU’s enlargement policy is advancing. In the case of Turkey, however, there is a deadlock. In an interview with EURACTIV Germany, Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn comments on the recent developments.

EMA: Offentlig utfrågning om kinolon- och fluorokinolonantibiotika 13 juni

den 20 april 2018 Europeiska läkemedelsmyndigheten, EMA, bjuder in till offentlig utfrågning den 13 juni 2018 för att inhämta allmänhetens synpunkter om kinolon- och fluorokinolonantibiotika inom en pågående säkerhetsutredning. Syftet är att inhämta synpunkter från patienter, läkare, sjuksköterskor, apotekare, forskare och övriga kring hur de ser på risker med kinoloner […]

New Satellite Animations of Earth Show How Quickly Humans Are Changing the Planet

Max Hall, Public Engagement, World Economic Forum: Tel.: +41 (0)79 329 3500; Email: mhal@weforum.org · New website EarthTime, to launch on World Earth Day (22 April), combines NASA satellite imagery with over 300 free, open-source geospatial datasets to show humanity’s impact on the planet · EarthTime uses experts to track […]

Forlenger overgangsordningen for kompetansekrav for leger i legevakt

Innbyggerne skal være trygge på at de får god hjelp i akutte situasjoner. Derfor har departementet i akuttmedisinforskriften stilt kompetansekrav for leger som går legevakt uten bakvakt. Nå forlenges kommunenes frist til 2020 med å innfri kravet. -Legevakttjenesten er en viktig tjeneste med stor betydning for befolkningens trygghet. Det er […]

Psykologsamtaler skal hjælpe ældre med sorg og livsfortrydelser

Oprettet 20. april 2018 Kriser, sorg og tanker om de fejltagelser, de har begået tidligere i livet, kan være en alvorlig hæmsko for, at nogle ældre borgere trives. Derfor kan kommuner og private aktører søge en pulje, der skal give ældre redskaber til at håndtere deres tanker om bekymringer, sorg […]

ICER Weekly View 04-20-18

From the desk of Mitchell Stein Good morning. A busy week. starting with breakthrough lung cancer news out of American Association of Cancer Researchers conference (see Weekly View in-depth for details), news of an upcoming Presidential speech on drug pricing (See Inside the Beltway), and continuing developments in a potential […]

Top Ten most popular articles on Pharmafile.com this week

It’s the end of another week and there’s really been one story that has dominated the headlines – Takeda’s potential takeover of Shire. It should come as no surprise that our most viewed story of the week relates to the purchase. The story continues to develop and it’s more than […]

Council and Parliament agree on simplification of EU funds

Rules on the so-called Omnibus regulation on EU financial rules, including Cohesion policy, will be simplified, whether they are managed by the Commission, by various organisations and bodies, or jointly with national authorities. The European Parliament is now expected to…

Prototype skin implant signals cancer by forming a visible mole

Researchers working with Professor Martin Fussenegger at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich in Basel have developed an exciting new skin implant which can serve as an early warning system for four of the most common cancers, alerting the patient in a very obvious way. The […]

Téléconsultation et téléexpertise : aucune situation clinique exclue a priori

Reconnue par la loi en 2009, la télémédecine se déploie largement sur le territoire et le financement des actes de téléconsultation et de téléexpertise dans le droit commun devrait être une étape importante. Saisie par le ministère chargé de la Santé, la HAS conclut qu’aucune situation clinique ne peut être […]

Liste d’admissibilité PS 2018

Professeurs de sport – Conseiller d’animation sportive pdf Liste d’admissibilité PS 2018 – CAS externe Téléchargement (159.2 ko) pdf Liste d’admissibilité PS 2018 – CAS interne Téléchargement (133.6 ko) Professeurs de sport – Conseiller technique sportif pdf Liste d’admissibilité PS 2018 – CTS aviron Téléchargement (135.8 ko) pdf Liste d’admissibilité PS 2018 – […]

FDA advisory committee sets GW Pharma up for approval

After the FDA advisory committee unanimously recommended GW Pharma’s Epidiolex for approval, the chances of it not receiving the nod are now slim to none. All the data released by GW Pharma had pointed towards a strong case for approval, with a number of Phase 3 trials having been conducted […]