If you want that competitive edge, then innovate already

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President Trump speaking in China in November. Photo by Thomas Peter-Pool, Getty Images

The medical imaging group is asking for medical devices and components to be exempt from the president’s tariffs on Chinese imports.

Shivom has created what it calls a Unique Global Genome ID, designed to allow providers and researchers to more easily work with precision data and give patients ownership of their genomic information.

Hackers hijacked an employee email account and diverted emails sent to the account to another account for which the county did not have access.

Jeff Surges, President & CEO Connecture, speaking at recent AHIP session.

By 10:01 am July 09, 2018

The time when insurers could enroll a member and be done with engagement is as old as ATMs. That was a key takeaway from a session at last month’s AHIP Institute titled “Consumerism and Disruption.”

Experts in the imaging space predict more data, augmented intelligence and other cutting-edge features will become available in the future.

The first in a four-part series on successfully implementing radio frequency identification explains three ways the tech can improve patient experience and engagement.

This month’s look at the tech projects your competitors are undertaking right now and other interesting moves in the EHR realm.

A new Intel survey shows that health systems expect artificial intelligence to improve care delivery, but worry that patients and physicians are nervous about the technology.

It has seen a 21 percent decrease in missed doses, a 66 percent reduction in wasted doses and zero reportable adverse events in the past 11 months.

Telemedicine platforms and tools will transform virtual care by incorporating emerging technologies and novel uses of data.